Driver Awareness Training

Driver Awareness training is often part of a larger Health & Safety initiative, focusing on lowering your driver’s occupational road risk and demonstrating your duty of care. Alternatively, training may be for one or two drivers that you feel require help. Whatever your reason, we can help you achieve your driver training objectives.

Driver Training Available in Any UK Location:

We cover the UK, with on-road training starting from your office or any location you prefer. Our tutors come to you, not the other way around! We don’t have training centres but a network of Safety Training Ltd driving tutors who will plan a training session from your preferred location. This is one reason why we can keep prices down. We also offer specialist van driver training.

Safety Training Ltd driving courses are designed for companies that want to reduce their drivers’ road risk through professional, on-road driver training. Although our course follows a set format, each session is as individual as the driver we train and customise to their exact needs and requirements.
Our client base ranges from companies concerned about a specific driver and wishing to put them through a training session to large national organisations that want to invest in an extensive long-term driver-training programme with their drivers.

Our courses cover

  • Psychological Elements of Driving:jaromir kavan XuDPnpox8tc unsplash
  • Observational Elements of Driving:
  • All Weather Driving:
  • Vehicle Control:
  • Vehicle and Road Positioning:
  • Different Road Types: (Motorways, Rural roads, Town driving)
  • Eco safe driving

(Driving in a way that can save up to 20% off your fuel bill.

Learning Outcomes

On completion, delegates will be able to demonstrate a much-improved understanding and awareness of the course content. We will ensure delegates understand the importance of maintaining all required standards throughout their tasks and that privacy, dignity, and respect are maintained throughout.

Course Assessment and Certification

The assessment is completed with simulated practical assessments, and learners will be issued a certificate of achievement upon successful completion of the training.

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