Alcohol Personal Licence Holder

CPD & Laser awards Approved

The United Kingdom’s alcohol licensing laws regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol. Any organisation, business, or individual who wishes to sell alcohol must obtain a licence from a Licensing Authority, our Alcohol Personal Licence Holder e-learning course helps learners to work towards this.

Course Modules

  • UK alcohol licensing laws and The 4 Key Licensing Objectives,
  • Applications, Conditions, Representations, and Reviews,
  • The Legal Duties of a Personal Licence Holder,
  • Dealing with Licensing Authorities,
  • Temporary Event Notices,
  • Age Verification,
  • Responsibilities of Alcohol Retailing

A glass of amber beer, poured by a certified Alcohol Personal Licence Holder, sits on a wooden bar top. The background is a softly blurred, dimly lit pub featuring hanging lights.


Alcohol Personal License Holder Certification

After completing our Alcohol Personal License Holder course, you will be emailed a safety training quality assured certificate. This certificate can be used to provide evidence of compliance and auditing.

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