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In the b2b industry, bribery and corrupt practices are still highly common. These can range from small ‘facilitation payments’ to gifts worth millions of pounds (these come in different forms and can be hard to track down).

Our course begins by examining the reasons why bribery and corruption occur, in addition to explaining how common these are believed to be. Moving on to discussing how normal business activities eg: hospitality, gifts, sponsorship and donations can be manipulated to become bribes.

Furthermore, it goes on to cover the legislation that covers anti-bribery and corruption in the UK and Internationally and the penalties that can be enforced if someone is to be found acting in a corrupt way.

Finally, our course will move on to discuss the ways that management and employees can reduce the risk of bribery and corruption within their organisation (especially through anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies).


Introducing the concept of anti-bribery and corruption, Explaining why they occur, The UK bribery act of 2010, How management can reduce the risk and ISO 37001 and Employee Responsibilities.

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