Epilepsy Awareness

Approved by CPD

Epilepsy is usually only diagnosed after a person has had more than one seizure.

Not all seizures are due to epilepsy. Other conditions that can look like epilepsy include fainting or very low blood sugar in some people being treated for diabetes.

When introducing epilepsy, we must first recognise that there are around 40 different types of seizures. Statistics show that one in five people will have a seizure at some time in their life, although only some of these will be caused by epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain and nervous system and is covered by the Equality Act 2010. It can affect people for only a portion of their lives or be lifelong. Because of the varied nature of the condition, being aware of epilepsy and the actions you can take if you are present during a seizure is beneficial for those who work in health and social care.

Our detailed epilepsy training course will give you a clear understanding of epilepsy. We list the methods of diagnosis, define a seizure, and describe how the brain can be affected. The course will introduce possible seizure triggers and tell you what to do when someone has a seizure. It will also discuss some of the treatments offered to people with epilepsy and provide practical advice on what to do if you witness someone having a seizure.

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Course Modules

What is Epilepsy? Types of Seizure, what to do to manage a seizure.

Learning Outcomes

On completion, delegates will be able to demonstrate a much-improved understanding and awareness of the course content. We will ensure delegates understand the importance of maintaining all required standards throughout their tasks and that privacy, dignity, and respect are maintained throughout.


After completing the course, you will be emailed a safety training quality assured certificate. This certificate can be used to provide evidence of compliance and auditing.

CPD approves this course as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines


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