Principles of Communication

Approved by CPD


We communicate all day long, verbally, nonverbally, and in writing, at home, at work, with our next-door neighbour, and at the sports club. Unfortunately, the message does not always come. When working in the adult social care sector, communicating is essential to understanding a service user’s needs and developing an understanding so you can provide them with the support they require.

If the information exchanged is accurate and accurate, mistakes can be made, resulting in effective care and a positive view of the service. Professionals form many different relationships in their work. Some are formal, and others are more informal.

Whatever you communicate with and whatever method you use, you must ensure that your communication is appropriate and effective.

This course covers some of the different ways of communication, how to identify barriers to communication and how to reduce these, making sure the person you are communicating with understands what you are communicating, how to get help with communication issues and much more.

Course modules

Reasons people communicate.

Ways of communicating and identifying communication

We are reducing communication barriers.      

checking to see what you think.

Getting help with communication issues.



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Learning Outcomes

On completion, delegates will be able to demonstrate a much-improved understanding and awareness of the course content. We will ensure delegates understand the importance of maintaining all required standards throughout their tasks and that privacy, dignity, and respect are maintained throughout.


After completing the course, you will be emailed a safety training quality assured certificate. This certificate can be used to provide evidence of compliance and auditing.

CPD approves this course as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines

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