Emergency First Aid Course In Yorkshire

Every workplace has its risks and potential for accidents to occur. As a business owner, you must provide your employees with the training they need to keep themselves, their colleagues and their customers safe. You never know when an incident might happen. Therefore, ensuring your staff receive First Aid training through an Emergency First Aid Course in Yorkshire can help to keep everyone safe while on your premises.

Safety Training Ltd is an independent training provider offering Emergency First Aid Courses in Yorkshire. Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers can tailor all our health and safety training courses to suit your business and employees. The Emergency First Aid At Work Course is designed to suit all staff members and is perfect for small, low-risk businesses. For larger firms, the course can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

What Does The Emergency First Aid Course In Yorkshire Cover?

Our Emergency First Aid Course covers everything attendees will need to know to have sufficient ability to treat patients should an accident or injury in the workplace occur. The course will include:

  • An introduction and explanation to emergency first aid
  • All first-aid health and safety regulations
  • The principles of first aid
  • How to safely manage an incident in the workplace
  • Treatments for patients who are unconscious, suffering from shock, bleeding or have other common workplace injuries
  • A combination of both practical and theory sessions.

How To Pass The Emergency First Aid Course In Yorkshire

Our Emergency First Aid Course takes place over one six-hour day. A professional trainer continuously assesses candidates throughout the day. Once attendees complete the course, they will receive a First Aid certificate. Consequently, this allows them to practice for three years. After these three years, candidates will need to complete the course again to re-qualify.

We advise that all first-aiders keep their skills and knowledge up to date by undergoing an annual refresher training course.

Safety Training Ltd offers training courses in First Aid. Furthermore, the organisation also provides training in other areas of health and safety across all of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Our expert trainers can come to your place of work and train your team in their environment. We are entirely flexible on training dates. The team are more than happy to work around the needs of your business. However, all we require is for all your staff attending to remain for the entire length of the session and not be on duty.

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