Raising awareness of poor mental health and breaking down the stigma,
Promoting good mental health inside and outside of the workplace is essential, it is particularly important as we understand more about how poor mental health can negatively affect our relationships and resilience to overcome challenges at work and in everyday life.

More and more people are looking to learn the basic tools to recognise those experiencing poor mental health whilst recognizing that self-care can be a tool to potentially improve mental health.

Our course is designed for professionals, managers, and HR personnel, this essential course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize, support, and promote mental well-being in your organization.

What’s covered

  • Understanding what Mental Health is and its importance
  • Know a range of common Mental Health conditions including:
    • Signs of stress and helpful and unhelpful methods of managing stress
    • Signs and symptoms of depression
    • Suicide
  • Understanding the need for self-care and mindfulness
    • Why do we need a self-care plan?
    • The considerations for a self-care plan
    • What is mindfulness
    • Testing our own wellbeing

Safety Training Ltd Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace (Level 1 RQF) is regulated and is a Nationally recognised qualification for people who wish to raise their awareness of mental health and improve their mindfulness in work and everyday life.

Learners will be introduced to Mental Health conditions such as depression and suicide and build an understanding of stress. They will be introduced to the use of appropriate language when supporting others and the importance of self-care to potentially improve their own Mental Health.

Elevate your expertise in workplace well-being even further by exploring our complementary course, Understanding metal Health in the Workplace (Level 3 RQF). This advanced program, designed to work in tandem with “Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace (Level 2 RQF)“, offers you the tools and strategies to effectively manage stress and build resilience among your employees, creating a holistic approach to fostering a mentally healthy work environment.

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