Stroke Awareness

Stroke Awareness Training is for everyone; it is ideal for those who work in a healthcare setting where patients could be at high risk of suffering a stroke.

Our experienced trainers will teach participants to recognise a stroke’s potential symptoms and effects and introduce them to treatment methods and possible side effects.

Course Outline

  • What is a Stroke,
  • Identifying the Different Types of Stroke,
  • Recognising the Most Common Signs and Symptoms,
  • Who is Most at Risk,
  • FAST Test,
  • How to Treat Those Who Have Had a Stroke,
  • The Importance of Emergency Response and Treatment,
  • Rehabilitation Processes


Photo of Brain symbolising stroke awareness


Stroke Awareness Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this stroke awareness course, delegates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the course content. We will ensure that delegates understand the importance of maintaining all required standards throughout their tasks and that privacy, dignity, and respect are promoted.

Assessment & Certification

Our Stroke Awareness course will take approximately half a day; participants may be expected to engage in group activities. Our highly experienced trainers will be on hand to help guide delegates through these sessions. The assessment consists of simulated practical assessments. Upon completing the training, learners will be issued a certificate of achievement.


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