Physical Intervention / Positive Handling training offers students comprehensive instruction on the correct handling and de-escalation procedures when someone exhibits violent behaviour in the care setting.

Our Positive Handling training course consists of separate modules: following national codes of practice, stages of escalation and corresponding de-escalation techniques, the meaning of reasonable force, dynamic risk assessment and good management through care planning and post-incident support. The de-escalation and breakaway methods taught are aimed at maximising safety and reducing the risk of injury to all involved. Our training is proven to increase staff morale allowing companies to safeguard staff and residents alike. The theory is followed by full practical demonstrations and practice. Those attending will be expected to work in teams playing both the aggressor and victim in different scenarios to test and experience the effectiveness of the techniques.

What will you learn?

  • Breakaway Techniques
  • Controlling Situations
  • De-escalation of the situation
  • Team Work – explaining the importance of teamwork, the practice of different roles within the team
  • Instruction of the many holds and correct procedures on how to effectively perform them
  • De-escalation, safe holds for sitting, standing and transferring
  • Blocking and controlling punches

Geographic restrictions may apply.


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